Teen pregnancy prevention starts with a foundation in healthy relationships. How do you talk to your young people about healthy relationships? 

Teen pregnancy and teen childbearing affect several critical social issues, including poverty and income disparity, overall child well-being, child welfare, out-of-wedlock births, healthy relationships and marriage, responsible fatherhood, health issues, education, substance use and other risky behaviors, and violence.

The Alabama Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recognizes the complexities of these social and economic issues and believes teen pregnancy prevention requires the thoughtful attention and deliberate action of parents, youth, community leaders, faith leaders, educators, policy-makers, health professionals, and others who have a desire to ensure Alabama’s youth live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Comprehensive Sex Education May Address College Sexual Assault Issue
College sexual assault is a prevalent issue across the nation. Some sexual health education advocates are suggesting that providing information on consent and healthy relationships within the context of K-12 comprehensive sexual health education prog...Read More...
U.S. Teen Demographics
ACT for Youth has compiled U.S. teen demographic data in the areas of health, sexual health, substance use, education, community engagement, internet and social media, and family relationships....Read More...
Donít Mess with Success
Eight in ten adults (83%) support the federal evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and 77% of adults support the Title X Family Planning Program, according to new public opinion data released by The National Campaign. This polling...Read More...
Surgeon Generalsí Op-Ed on Sex Education
In late May the Washington Post featured an op-ed piece written by three former Surgeon Generals. The piece highlighted the need for comprehensive sex education for all young people, and was a call to action for policy makers, administrators, teacher...Read More...
Annual Conference a Success!
Our 12th Annual Conference, Insights, Answers, and Opportunities, was a great success, thanks to our conference participants and excellent presenters. Feedback from the conference was positive, and we are happy we can provide this content to the yout...Read More...
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